Cook County “Property Tax Portal” is pretty cool

This April, Cook County unveiled a one-stop source that consolidates information from the Cook County Assessor, Cook County Treasurer, and Cook County Recorder all in one place.  Even better, a search may be done by common address only if you don’t have a PIN number handy.  Kudos to the people running the various Cook County government websites for creating this useful tool.

You can find it here:

Cook County property tax reassessment

Callers to the Cook County Assessor’s Office during July or August may have noticed that their requests were politely rebuffed with the phrase “I’m sorry, our computer is down, I can’t get that information.” The reason: Cook County computers are working furiously to get out the second installment of 1997 property tax bills. Property taxes are paid in “arrears”. That is, tax is paid this year for ownership of the property in the previous year. In Cook County, property tax bills come out twice a year. Continue reading