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Landlording Primer
Fifty years ago, landlords had the upper hand in the landlord-tenant relationship.  Landlords had the law on their side.  Unfortunately, Landlords also took liberties with the law and took advantage of their tenants.  As society has become increasingly focused on consumer protection, laws restricting a landlord’s activities have become more and more prevalent.  Today’s landlord must navigate a maze of laws including credit reporting and privacy law, civil rights law, contract law, landlord and tenant law, and eviction law.  Many landlords are overwhelmed by the sheer number of receipts, disclosures, supplements, summaries, and forms that must be signed, distributed and prepared for tenants.

Landlord-Tenant law involves more than just evictions.  At its best, it involves the preparation of a strong and fair lease agreement with all appropriate disclosures and receipts, a legal check of a tenant’s references and credit, proper handling and disposition of a tenant’s security deposit and proper administration of the rights and duties of the landlord and tenant during the effective term of the tenant’s lease, including proper termination of the tenancy.

In many municipalities, in addition to various statures of the State of Illinois and certain federal laws, a landlord must also comply with local municipal ordinances and building codes.  Communities with such laws are Chicago, Evanston, Mt. Prospect, Cicero, Oak Lawn and other communities (landlords should always check with their local municipal authority to determine if any local ordinance affects the landlord tenant relationship).  Failure to comply with these laws, codes, and ordinances can subject a landlord to severe penalties.

Landlords need to understand their rights, duties and their obligations to their tenants.  We can help.

Services and Fees
We provide advice in multiple areas to landlords, from lease review and lease drafting to informational meetings to discuss compliance with the many laws affecting landlord.  We advise landlords in person or over the telephone, depending on our client’s preference.  For landlord consulting services, we charge an hourly fee of $325 per hour plus any costs incurred.

How to Get Started
To learn more and discuss the possibility of engaging Reda | Ciprian | Magnone, LLC to assist and consult with you so that you understand your rights, duties, and obligations as a landlord, please feel free to contact Richard Magnone or one of our associates at 773-399-1122.

Please see our updated policy on consultations related to eviction casesWe are generally willing to have a short (5 to 10 minutes) initial discussion over the telephone to determine if we can assist in your situation and to determine if we might be an appropriate match to work with you.  We do not dispense legal advice during that conversation.  It is our policy that we do not get involved in eviction cases that have already been filed with the court or that have been worked on by another attorney.

To get this process started, please feel free to contact Richard Magnone via email or by phone at 773-399-1122.