Services for personal injury attorneys

Probate lawyers typically know little about personal injury or tort law. The converse is also true. Yet tort lawyers continue to attempt to navigate the waters of the probate court. Time and time again, we have seen mistakes, some bordering on malpractice, made by tort lawyers in endeavoring to manage a probate proceeding. Failure to provide statutory notices to heirs and creditors, failure to publish required notices, failure to file timely inventories and accountings, and on and on.

And to make matters worse, when a tort lawyer attempts to navigate the probate maize, he has, in essence hired a very high cost attorney to handle his probate, someone who costs $500, $750 or $1,000 per hour. That is right, that very costly lawyer is YOU, the tort lawyer. Think of what you can generate in fees in a normal year. Then divide that figure by 2,000, a reasonable number of hours an attorney can be expected to bill in a year. How much does it cost your tort firm when you are bothering with probate proceedings and issues? How about when you have to make multiple trips to probate court to accomplish your goal? Do the math and I think you will agree that a tort lawyer handling probate matters will not enhance your tort firm’s bottom line.

Reda | Ciprian | Magnone LLC has worked on hundreds of estates on behalf of personal injury firms from across the country who needed probate work in the Chicago area. We can advise and assist with:

Appointment of representatives in minor’s estates, guardianship estates and decedent’s estates.
Administration of the estate during the pendency of your personal injury action, including preparing and presenting inventories and status reports as required under the Illinois Probate Act.
Assist you in analyzing pitfalls and opportunities in allocating settlements between survival actions and Wrongful Death Act actions.
Prepare and present petitions and settlement orders before the probate court

We bill hourly for our services, at very reasonable rates. Because we have handled so many tort related matters in probate, we have an extensive forms library, as well as an in depth understanding of the issues presented by tort settlements, including structured settlements. We also have a knowledge of the requirements and quirks of the probate court in each of the six counties comprising the Chicago area.

Please contact us to learn about how our expertise can help to enhance your firm’s bottom line.